Pretty Woman

Adorable ceramic high heeled vase in red, white, or pink with three roses and a glittery heart pick. It's the perfect gift for that pretty woman in your life.

Love Mug

Ceramic mug filled with red, pink, and white flowers, heart pick, and a chocolate bar. Perfect gift for someone special giving them both flowers and a treat!

Hugs & Kisses

Sending "Hugs and Kisses" with this beautiful mixed floral bouquet

Filled with Love

A beautiful glass container filled with Valentine's inspired flowers and a glitter heart nestled in amongst the flowers. Perfect to sent to your sweetheart!

Three Rose Budvase

Three roses in a budvase with heart pick accent.

Romantic Roses

Two dozen red roses elegantly displayed in a glass vase. The perfect gift to send to your true love to show your affections.