Home Decor

Falling in Love

This beautiful fall colored bouquet brings the Autumn season into your home and the warmth in your heart. Also available to add to your order are delicious gourmet chocolate bars, balloons, and pure honey made right here in Idaho.

Pastel Delight

A Sweet mixed bouquet of Pastel colors. Perfect for the Spring season or for anyone who loves Pastel shades.

Classic Christmas

This classic Christmas inspired floral design is created in a beautiful Christmas tin. Assorted Red and white flowers are surrounded by fragnant pines. The arrangement is completed with pine cones and a classic plaid bow. Completed approximate size is 18"W X 14"H.

Peace Lily

Beautiful, dark green leaves, and stunning white blooms that will re grow over and over for years to come. These houseplants are the perfect gift for expressing sympathy and wishing Peace to whomever receives it.

Sunny Sentiment

A beautiful display of roses, sunflowers, and lilies surrounded by heavenly scented stock. Perfect for any occasion to show someone how special they are to you.

Table Centerpiece - Home Sweet Home

Fragrant pines and cedar surround festive red and white floral, and pine cones. Includes 2 taper candles making this a seasonal favorite for your holiday table.